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Traditional Full Time Staff Recruitment Service

This is the traditional way of recruiting and is generally the first thing people think of when you mention recruitment to them. If you are looking to grow your team or business on a "permanent" basis then we can certainly help. Below we have outlined our general process to give you an idea of what to expect when you engage with us to help grow your headcount.

1: First Contact

Right from your first contact your Consultants at Glenelly Recruitment Solutions will take the time to understand you and your business as well as your recruitment needs.


2: Understanding the Role


In our experience the best way to get a full understanding of our client's needs is via a face to face meeting. This allows us not only to build a stronger relationship with the hiring manager, but also to get a better feel of the working environment which will help us when matching candidate's to the role. If a meeting is not possible we will endeavour to get as much information as possible over the phone.


3: Market Update


At GRS we believe transparency is the best policy, therefore when taking on a new role we will provide an honest overview of the market conditions, the talent available and how we feel your remuneration packages could impact on the hiring process


4: Agreeing a process and a timescale


In our experience, the knowledge of the recruitment process a client has in place and the timescale they have in mind is absolutely vital to us being able to provide the standard of service we want to. Not only is it a real asset when selling the role to a perspective candidate, it's also a vital tool for managing their expectations. It also ensures that both recruiter and client are "singing from the same hymsheet" when it comes to the process.


5: Screening and Matching


Your consultant will take the knowledge gained from your conversation(s) and use it to find the available talent that best matches your requirements. Their first port of call will always be their immediate network, however they will also invest in targeted advertising and headhunting techniques in order to give you access to the best person available for the job. In addition to the telephone screening (and where possible face to face meeting), confidential background checks will be conducted by your consultant at this stage.


6: CV Submission


Once the screening has been completed, your Consultants will submit the CV's of the candidates that they feel best suit your requirements. All candidates that are submitted will be fully aware of the role they are being put forward to and who the hiring company is. We do this so there are no nasty surprises when it comes to arranging interviews.


7: Interview management


In addition to arranging a time/date/location that works for all parties we will also gather feedback from the candidate and submit that information to the hiring manager. Where possible we will also provide the hiring manager with the details of who else the candidate is interviewing with. The purpose of this is to allow the hiring manager to assess the risk of being able to hire this candidate should they want to, or nip things in the bud therefore saving time.


8: Referencing and Offer Management.


If instructed to, we will obtain employment references on candidates at the point of offer. We understand that every company operates differently, so any client wanting to make an offer to one of our candidates is free to do so directly or via their GRS Consultants. We will always be happy to provide feedback on the any proposed offer before and after it's submitted in order to ensure that our client has the tools they need to recruit the candidate they want.


9: Notice period management


This is the most dangerous part of the recruitment process, as it tends to be the time when candidates get counter offered or cold feet. Your GRS Consultants will maintain regular contact with both candidate and hiring manager during this period in order to make sure things go smoothly.


10: Check in and aftercare


On the day your new employee commences their employment, your GRS Consultants will make contact with both hiring manager and candidate to make sure all has gone to plan. They will also arrange a time/date to come in to the workplace at the end of the first month to meet (separately) with both hiring manager and candidate. We do this to make sure both parties are happy with how things have gone in the first few weeks, and highlight any potential issues before they become a reality.

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