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Contractor/Temporary recruitment process 

For some clients this is a bit of an unknown and they will automatically presume that using a contractor is more expensive, when the reality is that this is often not the case and using a contractor can be more cost effective and offer much more flexibility than hiring a new member of staff. 

What are some of the advantages of using a contractor?

- Generally a contractor would have a more diverse level of experience due to working for multiple different clients so they may bring a new approach to the table

- Contractors do not require the same level of notice to terminate an assignment as a member of staff requires, which means that they can be utilised to supplement an existing work force to help with an up turn in work or if you just require a specific skill set that you don't have employed permanently. 

- As a client you do not need to worry about the cost of employment when using a contractor, things such as holiday pay, pension contributions, NIC, TAX or any other company benefit including training and development. 

- Increased cash flow as we pay the contractors weekly and normally invoice our clients with 30 day payment terms

What is our process?

Here at Glenelly Recruitment Solutions we prefer not to rely on CV databases or Job boards, we have an outstanding network of industry specific candidates which we are constantly in touch with. We utilise referrals and word of mouth much more than spending our time searching on a widely available CV database.  
We would work with you to understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve by taking on a contractor, that will include finding out more about the specific project and what it is you would be expecting from the contractor from a skills perspective.



Once we understand your requirements we will look to understand what is on offer for the contractor and these are generally the first questions that we get asked by them, things like what hours are available, duration of the project, location and what sort of budget you have in place for this work, these are all things that will be quantified and assessed by the contractor to make sure that it is financially viable for them to commit to the work.


We would then look to agree on terms of business and once that has been sorted we would begin sourcing and working on the position for you. As previously mentioned we would speak to our existing contractors for any recommendations, utilise out existing talent pool, post on industry specific job boards (which are paid for to be promoted) and also look to other sources such as social media, LinkedIn and CV hosting websites.

Once we have identified a short list of candidates they will be submitted to your hiring manager for review where a decision can be made to either progress to and interview, a start on site or rejection. Whilst this is happening we will be checking the following details with the contractors:

- LTD company checking to ensure they run a legal and compliant company if not will the be using an umbrella or working as a sole trader 
- Checking that the contractors have the relevant insurance 
- Right to work  
- Referencing  
- Commitment testing

When an offer is made we will on board them and set them up for payrolling (if they haven't worked with us before), you and the contractor will also receive assignment schedules detailing exactly what has been offered and accepted. 

Once a contractor is on site, they will complete our timesheet on a weekly basis which will then be sent to an approver to check and approve the hours (normally a Site Manager or a Project Manager). Once the hours have been approved, we will then formulate an invoice.  
When it comes to terminating a contractor before the end of their assignment we always request that if possible 2 weeks be given, unless of course there has been an issue with conduct or performance. 
ALL OF OUR CONTRACTORS ARE SUBJECT TO RANDOM D&A TESTING – A fail, or refusal will result in immediate termination.  

As well as offering the above mentioned service we can also support by acting as a payrolling solution for a reduced fee, we will then take over paying your direct contractors weekly and utilise out timesheets for time tracking. 


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